About Us

Operating since 1997, with the focus of achieving a higher standard of quality than previously found in the industry and with several hundred satisfied customers throught Brant County, our customers rely on us for sound professional advice and can expect excellent service and top quality workmanship. We don't over promise or under deliver, we provide honest unbiased advice and can perform any job regardless of size.


Always Green Lawn Sprinklers proudly features Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of professional quality irrigation products. We offer a full line of sprinklers, including the Hunter flagship rotor, the PGP rotor for medium to large lawns and a full line if sprays for small areas, shrubs & irregular shapes. We offer Hunter automatic valves and controllers so that your irrigation system is fully automatic. The controller (or timer) lets you program different areas of your landscaping for watering at different days and lengths of time to ensure that each landscape component gets just the right amount of water.

Irrigation Planning

Expertise in irrigation planning is critical to the initial design and installation of your system. A solid background in irrigation planning helps avoid common "do it yourself" pitfalls like uneven sprinkler coverage, problems with water pressure and proper backflow prevention, With continued education, training and vast experience we have become the irrigation company of choice for the entire Brant County area. We use only the finest materials and superior designs are acceptable in order to offer our warranties, ensuring you years of trouble free operation.

Be the envy of the Neighbourhood with Rainbird


Features abound in Rainbird sprinklers. From automatic timers to sensors to zone controls and more, you will find special features that can customize your Rainbird sprinklers system even more. Timers are a great resource, simply because they start and stop your watering as you direct. Sensors can help you to conserve water when Mother Nature does the watering job for you and zone controls can help you to customize the watering to the plants or greenery that you have. You will be delighted with the many features that you can choose from that are offered by Rainbird.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

Our main goal is to learn about your objectives, address concerns, answer any questions you might have, and begin to formulate specific requirements for your particular irrigation system. We make sure that all systems are serviced with the needs of the customer as their first priority. We will discuss the areas to be covered and the areas not to be included, we do a total walk-through with you and show you how to operate your timer and all emergency shut-off valves. A list of zones is supplied to you with suggested watering times as well as your warranty. No matter how big or small the customer, each receives the same time, care and dedication from our team. We're committed to your satisfaction. We encourage our customers, at any time during process, to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.